Beer and Boobs

and how we can stop them being sold as a singular item.


I have a four and a half year old daughter and in the past few months, we have been sourcing and selecting a school for her. There are certain things that are really important to me in a school and important for me as my daughter grows that she receive in her education. There were simple things – it needs to be in our area, it needs to have a decent campus with stimulating grounds and it needs to provide before/after school care for those weeks where we just can’t make it gel together.

The rest of what I want is a variable – I want her to know inspired leadership, I want a theatre, drama or dance class, I small classes and a sense of family and I want structure with the ability to be spontaneous when things come along (like snow!).

As a parent, I want great communication, transparency and a sense of community.

Being in the digital education area, I want the school to embrace technology where it fits with the curriculum, I want individual learning plans for the children so they can accomplish what makes them whole as a person and I want a considered view of where education is going in the next 5 years.

In short, what I want is for my daughter to have opportunities to grow and create memories from her school that are truly inspiring. Not so much to ask, right?

Luckily for us, it turns out that in our area there is a school like this which ticks most of the boxes (we hope) including an incredibly inspiring (female) principal, so our decision for her schooling has been made. But it got me to thinking – I’m putting a lot of time and effort in to ensuring that my daughter has the ability to grow in to a confident Read More

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