Make my Tech Pretty.

It's a girl thing.

Dress Your Tech Pink

I usually have my daughter or my husband or both of their photos as wallpapers and lock screens on my iPhone, ¬†iPad, iMac and my two PCs (yes, I have a lot of tech for different uses) but no longer! I think it’s time that I started dressing up my tech and using them as the accessories I want them to be. It’s a lot less distracting to have artwork and design on my desktop as I’m working plus I feel a bit more professional.

So I’ve gone searching and there is a plethora of choices out there. My first choice? Has to go to design love fest which I’ve been following forever. So for the rest of December, my iPhone will be the wallpaper shown above. For my iPad, it will be in blue, for my iMac in green and my two PCs in teal and coral. If you want to follow my lead, you can find the files to download on Bri’s latest Dress Your Tech post. Do yourself a favour and follow the blog if you love design too, it’s an amazing inspirational blog.

I probably also need matching cases, don’t you think?

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